...Behind the Lens

I class myself as being a very lucky man, I am able to practice my passion for photography everyday!

For over 20 years I have been a staff photographer for the local newspaper serving Barnsley and the surrounding area. During that time, I have photographed many celebrities and Royal Family members as part of my daily work as a press photographer.

My love for photography has led me to travel and meet some amazing people.
One of the most spectacular jobs a photographer can undertake is to share in a couple's special day. I have photographed hundreds of marriages throughout the years and can honestly say that each and everyone is unique! This is a photographers dream as each and every time I can create images that are different and individual to the couple. That special day will live in your memories a lifetime but will stay in print forever.
Portraits are another great way for people to express their personality. A white background, woodland or a favourite place, wherever and however the images are photographed we get to create printed memories for loved ones to treasure forever.
Photography is my art, art should trigger a reaction by way of a smile, a tear or a giggle. How I shoot my photos is individual and unique to you, how you react is unique and individual to you!